Need help with sleep logic

Hello. I need help with sleep logic. I am using the built in logic to both determine if me or my wife are asleep, but cant find a logic how to tell that both are asleep to activate a alarm. How can i set with a flow that we both are asleep and use it with a flow to arm the alarm

@Caseda would say i use a button for it.

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not exactly what he meant i think.

If you are missing “everybody is (/went) asleep” card, then just use multiple cards in the AND column
[IF] Someone went to sleep
[AND] “specific user 1 is asleep”
[AND] “specific user 2 is asleep”,
[THEN] “turn on alarm”

and of course more if you have more people in your homey
But feel free to request an feature request to Athom for this card.

Although it is not the question inreed, I would recommend to use a Virtual Device / button and / or a Scene activation via a switch / dimmer.

At least that’s how I implemented this and it works flowlessly.

  • I may activate a Virtual Device or via press-twice-a-dimmer a scene activation >
  • Start the sleep flow, which
    • starts a flow turning-off all lights
    • starts a flow switching off all media devices
    • sets the alarm modus > which triggers the alarm flow to start
  • IMHO the advantage of using a VD / scene is the fact you’re completely in control when things are started