1 yeelight celling light who i cant connect to homey

Yesterday my main livin room light stop responding to homey.
( Was connected over a year until yesterday)
At the same time the light keep working from google home app or yeelight app

I try to remove the light but now i cant find it
( Yeelight lan)
I try to reset it and re add it to yeelight and scan it again in homey but it keep failing to find it.

Any idea what else to do to find it?

( If i use yeelight cloud app i find it, but the respond tome is horrible )

The first thing what you could have tried was restart the Yeelight app.
Maybe that had worked. Now you can try to do a PTP. (pull the plug) Turn off - Homey for at least 11 minutes and turn it back on again. Wait till he has restarted completely and try to add the device again.

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I try all above nothing worked ( except uninstall yee light app)

And suddenly it worked again alone…