Missing control for yeelight

I enter to one of my yeelight thru homey app
But i cant find any control for this light ( i cant see the color and brightness…)
But on my other phone i can see evrything normal for the same light
Anyone can help?


Your image does not show, so it’s hard to help[ you out, if it works on 1 phone it should work on the other one too, since both connect to the same homey i assume. Did you try to restart the app (full shutdown and restart of the app)?

I restart the app
And even re install it… No change
I try to upload the pic again

Anyone plz?

What type of light is it? In the Yeelight app it should give you a model and identifier.

It’s yeelight but it is happen in all the lights… Even hue Philips light
Maybe because we r on same user on homey?

Seems like a bug in the Homey app then. Perhaps contact Athom about it?

But bug in 1phone and the other not? Seems weird…
How do i contact homey support?

Yeah it’s very strange thats it’s just 1 phone and it works on another, only other thing i can think of is that the homey app versions are not the same on your phone, can you check that?

I try on mu tablete and same thing… Not working

My tablet is same app version like mine
But my wife is older ( not beta test)
So i dont think its version problem

so i found the solution…
i am from israel so my wife phone is in hebrerw
as soon as i switched the interface to english…all worked fine and well

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I would suggest submitting a support request nonetheless, Athom needs to know about this: https://support.athom.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015784034-Submit-a-support-request