ZWave Timeout with Homey Pro

Have Hogar zwave switches and continuously time out. Time out gets even worse when used in flows.
Any idea on what I could try?
Reboot of homey with a fresh install
Installed zwave switches again
Deleted and recreated flows.

Have you tried adding some z-wave repeaters near Homey or between nodes to optimize your mesh network?

Thanks, no but the closest wave switches are 1.5mt from homey with the furtherest away 5 Mt. Didn’t think I’d need one…That is unless you think I need some sort-of bridge?

If the switches were added secure, worst of all s0 security, you could try adding them unsecure. That helped out a lot of people, including me. You can check this here:, where secure(x) means unsecure.
You can only change security during pairing. If the device asks for a pin, entering 00000 will add it unsecure. For devices that do not ask a pin, you will need:

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Just checked and they are installed
S2 (unauthenticated)
No way to change them and homey didn’t give me the option during install

Then you need the app UnZ-Cure from Edwin. The app is available in the community App Store.

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Did you read my post above about [APP][PRO] UnZ-Cure (add z-wave devices unsecure)?

I would like to recommend following @Dijker 's advice anyway, add at least one good zwave repeater device, like a smart plug, as close to Homey as possible. Homey’s zwave signal might be to weak to cover the distances.

Thanks, read the blurb and would like to install but the option to install in the homey community store is greyed out?
Have tried my android ph one and laptop

Please read the info on the community app store page. You have to install the Community App Store Installer on your PC (Windows or Mac) first.

That was FAQ number 1 right below the blurb.

And don’t forget to logon (put phone browser in “Desktop mode”)

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Sorry for the delay in getting back to you all. Thank you so much for your help.
I have deleted them and re added the switches unsecured using the app (which worked brilliantly well).
Thank you all again for your support, I really appreciate it :slight_smile: