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Hi there,

Need some advice for rm pro+ on homey. i am a very new user for homey used to be on Vera. Used be use rmbridge to link the device.

I managed to link up Broadlink Rmpro plus to homey and managed to record some RF signal. Hence i went ahead and create flow for the device like when XXXX is on then broadlink to send command and tested the flow in homey and the flow has a green tick but the command was not been sent from broadlink as i did not notice any orange/red light from the rmpro+ been fired as usual.

Need your advice, did i do something wrong?

Just a quick update.

Managed to get the rmpro to fire the command with a weak red pulse but not enough to or incorrect to trigger the device.

I tested on broadlink e control app and it works fine on the device learning the RF command.

No idea why homey to rmpro side does not work…

When i add my RF remoote of the garage to Broadlink via Homey and i create a flow.
My garage goes open,close open close etc etc my broadling keeps sending RF commands, but when i test when make the flow everything goes well.
I have a Broadlink RM Pro +
any ideas?

Need advice

Can i use the wall switch tc3 with homey?


I can click the install button for the Broadlinkred app on the Community store, but the app doesn’t appear in my Homey Pro. Does it take hours to install?

Trying to get my Broadlink RM4 mini to work with Homey

No it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.
Did you install the community store first?
Use a pc / laptop for this

If that went well, logon to the hcs site

And search for your wanted app.
Now the install button should been green instead of grey, and the installation should succeed

Thanks! Switching my phone to desktop mode worked. Everything else I’d done yesterday.

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@Pieterv123 I’m using the Boradlinkred app and thank you for developing the app. I have added the RM4 Pro according to the description on the Community Store but I can’t get it to learn any RF commands. Am I missing something here? I have the RM4 Pro that supports both 315 and 433 MHz. Can that have something to do with it?

RF doesn’t work in the broadlinkred app, only IR

:+1: That was a bummer. :smiley: Is it on the roadmap? I’ll go back to using the iOS Broadlink-app. Thanks.


Actually it was a personal app (modifications), which I made public.
For the moment no updates are planned.

You could try homebridge or home assistant.

Or beg Athom to finally implement IR and RF properly, as it is built in. (And an argument for a lot of people to buy Homey)

I’ve just bought the RM 4 Pro but it’s only IR in the Homey app.
Normally it should handle IR & RF.

So I have tried to add RM 4 PRO + too. But when I click to “Learn IR command” or “RF” nothing is happened except the sound of the Homey to say “press …”
I press the remote but nothing…
When I test with the broadlink app, the remote is found directly

Somebody has already this issue ?

Thanks in advance

Hey @Xavier_Bovi you have to instal the ohter Broadlink app from the community store and than IR works but not RF.

Hi @HuisCHovens,

Thanks for your message.

The install button is disabled of broadlinkred
How can I do?

A little how to:
Install the Homey Community Store app.
Keep an eye on your Firewall(s), if you don’t see any further response within a minute. Because then there seems to be a bit too much blocking…
Then check if the HCS app is installed via …More>Settings>Apps
If yes, log in to the HCS
Install the Broadlink app
Make sure that the “INSTALL” button is green (the HCS app must be running on Homey + logged in to the HCS

I’ve found :slightly_smiling_face:
Only IR works, not RF ? right ?

Is possible see/read the learned codes? Need to copy to Home Assistant.

Maybe, maybe if you go here
And enter the name of the Broadlink device at the search bar.
All (for us) available device data will be returned.

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Thanks for the help, unfortunately the codes do not appear there :frowning:

Could I please get some advice - I’m considering a Broadlink device (moving from Harmony), but my amp is in a cabinet - I can’t be the only ne with this setup and most devices like Harmony / FireTV cube seem to come with an extender, but I don’t seem to see any option for this on the Broadlink devices

That said, I can’t seem to find anywhere that lays out the differences between all the devices so maybe I’m missing something - anyone here dealing with the same?