ZWave Software Region Lock on Homey 2023

I can’t select another software region as I do before on Homey Pro 2019.
Can Homey team add back this feature, cause all of my ZWave devices uses EU region.

I don’t think anyone @ Athom is reading each and every post @ this user forum → please use the ticket system:

Hint: As far as I know, the zwave region is determined by the known location of Homey. To ‘reset’ the right location, move the location pointer to an other timezone, wait for a few minutes, and enter your homey location again.

Yes changing and revert back location works of course, but Zwave region resets every Homey update, and it strange why it was available for old Homeys but not work with new one. -_-

Don’t call my Pro 2019 old!! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Well, Athom made the zwave region setting ‘smart’ on the 2023, and we all know that often means exactly the opposite: dumb af
It’s just not smart to omit a manual override.