Zooz ZEN77 Dimmer Switch on/off

Hi Everyone,
Complete noob coming from Hubitat. I added my first ZEN77 dimmer to Homey so I can familiarize myself before switching everything out. I added the dimmer switch to Homey with no issues. The one thing I am missing is that using the tile on the devices page I cannot simply turn on or off the switch. I have to do a long press to go in the switch and use the dimmer function. Am I missing something here? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

In the mobile app, anything with an OnOff function should be controllable just by short touching the device tile; For the dim function you’ll indeed have to longpress the device unfortunately.
It would be so cool when you could choose to drag up/down on the device tile for dimming (which can also be very annoying by accidental dragging haha).

In the web app, there are two ways to switch things OnOff, depending on the selected viewmode:


Screenshot from 2023-12-20 18-51-09

And right-click → Turn On/Off, or ALT + left-click:
Screenshot from 2023-12-20 18-50-45

Hi Peter. Thank you for the reply. That is exactly my problem. In the mobile app for instance when I short press the tile nothing happens. Its as if its not a switch but only a dimmer. Only way I can turn on/off the light is by long pressing to get the dimmer window.

Wow, did not expect that at all, really odd!

There’s also no on/off flowcard for When and Then, according to the shown flowcards in the app store:

When I follow the ‘contact’ or ‘report issue’ links in the app store, it appears to be a known problem:

You can continue your questions at the Github issue tracker (very often used by Homey developers). Just hit the link above.

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Did not even think about that. Thank you!
I was just surprised that such a simple function is missing.

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I haven’t encountered this issue before. So I got the idea the OnOff function probably never was added to the device code.

Yup. It just sucks because I was really looking forward to getting to know Homey Pro. Now I just need to wait and see when it will get fixed before I switch from Hubitat. I also do see some other things missing as well like dim over time for example. Hope the support keeps improving as time goes on.

Dim over time is available for certain brands or types. Like Ikea and Hue lights as far as I know.
When you mean dim over time, do you mean for an hour, like a wake-up light?:

Thats interesting as to why Homey would reserve functionality like this for specific brands. Shouldn’t dim over time functionality be a feature of the hub? I’ve used most of the competitor hubs before and none were restricting functionality per brand. It’s just surprising. On another note, thank you for your guidance. I will make sure to read up and continue to explore Homey Pro. The activation process was just so easy and focused on the customer experience, I am just surprised that simple things are coming up with just my first simple dimmer added. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

I’m not shure Athom dictates in favor of certain brands.
Imho only app developers could tell what makes it work for certain brands/models only, OR if it just has to be added to the app code, and not every dev did?

That makes sense but the zooz app also has the *official seal on it as well.