Long press Dimming with Shelly


I need help before I’m buying my smart home components.
I want to use Nanoleaf smart downlights.
I want a wall switch without battery which turns the light on and off on simple click and dimms the smart lights as long as the switch is pressed.
I was thinking about using Shelly modules in detached mode (maybe the z-wave ones).
Is it possible to implement the long press dimming in Homey and does it work without big latencies?
Should I use the Shelly i4 or the Shelly Dimmer 2 for this use case? What is the better solution? How would I realize it with i4 vs Dimmer 2? For i4 I suppose I have to detect the long press and starting dimming with a timer. But is it possible to detect when the longpress ends?
For Dimmer 2 I suppose the performance is much better. But do I detect the change of the dimmer value in real-time and can I copy it to the smart bulbs? Does it work with wi-fi and z-wave in the same way?
If I want to use the new Shelly wall display maybe the dimmer 2 is the better solution because then I can also dim the lights on the display?

It’s so difficult to find out what works together. Any tips?

Many thanks in advance!