Namron zwave dim lite ... but how?

Hey fellow homeys,

Got a problem here what i can’t solve …
I want to press and hold down the right butto of my switch. When I release the button the light should stop getting brighter or darker. I tried a lot but I’m not getting there …
Someone can help? Pls!

If the button is z-wave and the light is too, associations are the best way to go. However, currently this only works if the security level of z-wave for both devices is the same. You can check here: Homey Developer Tools.

If the security levels are not the same, or if you think that shouldn’t be a problem in the first place, please like my request [REQUEST] User selectable Z-wave security levels in order for associations to work.

If security levels are not the same or if the button isn’t z-wave too, below is how it should work (but be warned - it won’t be very smooth or fast, and/or may not react fast enough if you let go):

Get yourself an ap like Chronograph - Adds precise timer, stopwatch and transition functionality to Homey that supports transitions. A transition can change things in steps.

Buttons usually have actions for long press and release. On the long press you can start a transition that gradually changes the dim level. On button release, you stop the transition to keep the dim level you desire.

Let me know in the reply if you can use associations or if you need nore help getting the transitions to work.

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Hei Edwin,

Thanks for that nice answer. Both devices are in the same security level.

I downloaded transitions but I’m not sure how to use that right …

If the devices are in the same security level, then you do not need the transition. By setting an association you set a direct link between a button and a light. So you can turn a light on/off and dim without needing flows. The below description sounds difficult, but once you see how it’s done its usually quite simple.

You need to set the lamp ID in the associations of the button. Fitst you look in the developer page above what the ID is for the light (first number in the list). The button manual will explain which association groups are for what button.

In Homey you go to the advanced options of the button device to set the ID in the right association group. Depending on wether the light is a multichannel device or not, you will either have to put the button ID in the right group, or the button id and the channel.

For example, if the ID is 12 you must use either 12 or 12.1 of the light is the first channel. I’d start with the ID, but for instance Fibaro requires the .1 behind it. For instance, switches that can switch two lights have channel 1 and channel 2 for that device ID.

Also important to know: buttons are usually battery operated. Those devices enter a sleep mode to save batteries. In order to save the settings to the button, you need to wake the button right before you save the settings. The button manual will also explain how that works for your button.

Below is a screenshot of one of my 4 button remote (Heat-it push 4), where the upper two buttons operate light id 76 and the lower two buttons operate the light with id 75. Because I use Fibaro dimmers that require a channel I use 76.1 and 75.1 as ID’s. Group 1 is for the controller, Homey always has ID 1. This setting is so Homey also is properly linked to the button, this was set during pairing and needs to remain unchanged.

Before I press save, these buttons require me to press the upper two buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds to wake the device. Then I press the checkmark in the above right corner.

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Looking that correct? First one is the dimmer and second the button

From the screenshots I would think the images are reversed from what you said. In that case it looks OK but it’s hard to tell without the manuals. If the settings are properly saved and it does not work you could also try 4.1 as the ID.

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Just for asking if I get you right. I have to buttons, with one I turn on/off, with the other I want to dim.
The other button needs to be in the right group like the dimmer where the lamp is connected.

When they are in the same group I shouldn’t need a flow or further association for dimming the lamp?
In this case it is not working … even if I change to 4.1

It depends on how the buttons implement the association. Some buttons have one on button (long press is dim up) and an off button long press is dim down). Others have one button for on/off, where long press dims. And the best ones have many association groups that will let you figure it all out.

When saving the advanced options, did you get a message “saved” or “Settings will be saved when the device wakes”. If you got the latter it may work after a while (when the device wakes itself up) or the settings might not be saved at all if that took too long. Hence the instruction to wake the device as per the manual.

If the settings were properly saved but it does not work the way you want, you can clear the association and then you will need the transition. That will require another long post :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much Edwin!
I got the message that I have to wake up my button and I did … the settings are saved, as far as I know.

I think I need the solution with assosiations … but for tonight I can’t dive in to it :smiley:

Would be real nice if you could help with this when you have som time to spare

I will give it a shot, I have time (as I’m on holiday and the weather is not great) to write a howto. But as I’m not home it will be hard to test the flows properly. May not be done tonight though, depending on when we’ll go to sleep (that is, when my wife finishes her book I guess :slight_smile: )

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What a lovely answer! Just write when you have the time. I will test everything you recommend.
Hope you have a enjoyable vacation and thanks again for spending time with a totaly begynner in this field :slight_smile:

Happy to help.

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[HOWTO] Dim lights with buttons using transitions

Hi Edwin,

This is the manual of my button. I don’t get it to work without homey.

Should be indeed that setting the ID in group 2 should do the trick with either 4 or 4.1

I do not have experience with either the light brand or the button. Maybe the app developer for the button can shed some light on if he/she tested associations?

I also have no experience with associations in combination with S2 security - my lights don’t support it. Maybe Athom support is able to tell if they tested that.

You can maybe dim it up with a flow by using label dimfactor and relative dimming +1. It requires the button to send intermittent signal instead of continuous. Otherwise with each push it will just dim up 1%
Did you try ‘move’ in the flow with on/off button ?