Z Wave direct association

I have a switch: 4512731 Namron z-wave 2 channel switch k4.

I’m trying to get direct association to control these:
Dimmer: FGD-212 ZW5 v3.5 Fibaro dimmer 2 - Node 12
On/Off Lamp: 4512746 Namron z-wave rele 16A - Node 13

On my switch i have on group 2: 1,13 and on group 3: 1,12 (i did also try 1,12.1)

My understanding is that clicking on the switch then i should be able to control the lamps, but nothing happens.

In homey developer tools, it seems like these settings are stored on the switch:
zw_group_2 1,13
zw_group_3 1,12

Any tips?

After spending 4-5 hours on this. Many devices, tried everything, many times i took a new approach. Ignore homey 100% and setup direct association with only using the devices and their manuals. Then suddenly it worked like a charm.

On 4512731 Namron z-wave 2 channel switch k4:

  1. Press and hold down both buttons I and O of Group 2 over 3 seconds, LED indicator turns on. (top buttons)

  2. Short press ON button of any group (upper left or lower left button) within 7s to associate the device to this group, short press OFF button of any group within 7s to remove association of the device from this group.

  3. On the target device (to be controlled):

  • triple press the action button, the dimmer will be set to inclusion/exclusion mode, then send out Node Information Frame.
  1. back on the switch:
    LED blinks twice to indicate that the remote control failed to add the associated device (the association group has already added maximum quantity associated devices that it supports ).
    LED blinks 5 times to indicate that the remote control added the associated device successfully.
    LED blinks 8 times to indicate that the remote control removed the associated device successfully.

To add the Fibaro dimmer, only step 3 is different:

  • Quickly, three times press switch no. 1 or the B-button.

Now the switch can dim the fibaro dimmer, and turn off/on the lamp on the namron rele.
Homey is not involved, and dimming and turning the lamp on/off is instant. Absolulty no delay.