Direct association Z-wave and Z-wave+

Is it possible to make a direct association between a Neo coolcam powerplug (zwave) and en fibaro multi sensor (zwave+)? And which group do i need to use for movement triggers?

Problem is the fibaro sensors are still really unreliable (and after several attempts I am still unable to improve this…), but the direct association may help. My next way of thinking; I use the direct associotion to switch the plug and when that happens it can trigger multiple flows. This way I think the sensors may work more stable…

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I have the same problem and is looking for the same solution.

or use Search direct association

I have solved it, I mistook the “greyedout” text as not available, like in other programs. After that it was very easy, just find the id of the unit you wanted to associate in the Settings - node information. In the controlling unit settings - associations set a comma after 1 in Group 1 and the the id of the unit I want to associate.

Hello. I am using NeoCoolCam PIR V2 sensor and I am trying to turn on a light by association (and not by flow). You can see below how I set it. For some reason it is not working.

here are the settings. Note that 55 is the ID of the lamp.

any idea how it should get configured?

What kind of device is Node-ID 55?
Maybe you haven’t adjust Parameter 3?

Are both devices included unsecure?

And is the Lux value below 1000?

The device 55 is a Zwave NeoCoolcam switch (Touch Switch Dual). It is included as non-secure. the LUX value is way under 1000.

Since it is a dual (two channels), I guess i still need to specify to which channel I am sending the command to. However I do not know how to do that.

by parameter 3 are you talking about Group 3? As you can see in the third parameter the value is set to 255 (which is On).

Thanks for your help.

Did you manage to get this working? I’m also struggling with a direct association with Neo devices. PIR V2 (two) and two single wall switches. The ligt is connected to wall switch 2, and wall switch 1 is not wired to the light (but by using flows in a hotelswitch configuration). PIR 1 and 2 are covering the hall controlling wall switch 2 by flows. I just want to experiment with a direct association how this is behaving compared with flows in Homey, but unfortunately not being able to get this working.


Hello. No, I never managed to get this to work! I just gave up