Zwave Association; Flood Sensor & Plug linking

I’ve never really used Zwave association, and I’ve read some things saying that it sometimes works…

I’m hoping to set up a flood sensor and a plug to operate essentially independently so that if the flood sensor detects a flood it will turn on a smart plug without needing to go via Homey.

has anyone found a way for this to work successfully and devices that this can work with?
I’m ideally looking for firm suggestions, but equally anyone that can talk to zwave association and independence would be appreciated!

Associations are in my opinion the biggest advantage of Z-Wave.
Whether a device supports associations can be found in the manual.

Always if its possible i prefere to use associations instead off gateway based automations.

My use cases:

  • Motion Sensor -> Light
  • Switch -> Light
  • Switch -> Roller Shutter
  • Roller Shutter -> Roller Shutter
  • flood sensor -> Alarm Sirene

Just some examples.

To get associations work, both devices must be either include secure or unsecure.
Here some general information about associations

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Thanks Osorkon - thats super useful.

One thing I read (not relevant to my goal above) is that you can’t associate virtually? So a virtual flick of a switch from say Homey won’t action the association - is that correct?

Going back to my original question, does anyone know if the Neo Coolcam flood sensor and plug can be linked?
Failing that, fibaro looks like the main alternative?

Are associations ‘better’ if you stick to the same brand?

Wanted to boost this thread as finally getting around to setting this stuff up… Is it possible to directly associate one socket with multiple flood sensors?

Or can only one device be associated to one other?

Also, are you able to associate and have the device connected to the hub?

It’s device specific. In case of the Fibaro flood Sensor up to 5 regular and 5 multichannel devices per group.

Oh awesome, thanks.
So what I need to find is a Socket that can take as many flood sensors as I have (3)