Zone becomes erroneously inactive

I have a zone (laundry) that becomes ‘inactive for 2 minutes’ even tough after the ‘zone become inactive’ there is a ‘zone has become active’ command:

10.11.2023 17.27.28 Laundry motion alarm has been activated.
10.11.2023 17.27.28 Laundry zone has been activated
10.11.2023 17.27.28 Laundry light switched on
10.11.2023 17.29.37 Laundry motion alarm has gone off.
10.11.2023 17.29.37 Laundry zone has become inactive
10.11.2023 17.30.16 Laundry motion alarm has been activated.
10.11.2023 17.30.16 Laundry zone has become active
10.11.2023 17.31.37 Laundry zone has been inactive for 2 minutes.
10.11.2023 17.31.37 Laundry light switched off

Is there anything I could make to prevent that?


I’ve had fuzzy results with the ‘zone is inactive for X minutes…’ stuff. Others say it works flawless…

When I was showering in the dark, again :rofl: , I decided to use a timer, that works way better and reliable, for me.