The lights turn off when the zone is active


I have some flows to turn off the lights when the different zones become inactive.

My problem is that the zone becomes inactive when I brush my teeth at night. And the zone wont reactivate when I wave my hands inn the dark trying to tell the Aeotec Multisensor 7 that im still alive!:sweat_smile:

This is the ms7 settings:

(Yes, the sensor is installed correctly and will be able to see me everywhere in the tiny bathroom)

The flow is super basic: turn off zigbee dimmer after the zone have been inactive for 10 minutes.

Can anybody explain why this is happening?

My guess is:
Change “Motion Untrigger time” to 29s

If it doesn’t change much, use a timer instead.
Zone is active
Turn on lamp A
Start or replace timer X

Timer X has stopped / ended
Turn off lamp A

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