Zipato RFID Tag Reader

Thanks for the response. no luck so far :frowning:
I had only 1 number without tag working. (But i dont know how i did that one…)

Are there more users that have this problem?

I had the Benext tag reader BEnext Tag reader 500

I have tried everyting with that device. I think its practacally the same. Could get it working but only within 50 cm from homey. I returned IT to the supplier and they told me that the zipato was not compatible with homey so i have not even tried it.


Hello, I’ve received a Zipato RFID tag reader for Christmas !

I add thé device, add user and add it in flows to lock/unlock my Nuki ! It works great !

I’m trying now to use codes with it (no tag), how is it possible ?


Hi Julien,

It worked for me when 1 pushed : Home > Number > Enter (only for 1 number)
I am still struggeling with the TAG’s , Hope that there is more support in V2 for this device.

For now, i am not using it…

hello @SanderD

Thank you for your answer ! So the pin can not match with a specific user, is that correct ?

Ok I’ve tried and I was wrong, you can enter more than one pin code.

For the one who read this:

as @SanderD said, you have to push Home -> create your pin -> push Enter (the pin code (ID) is now created).

After, you have to go to your Zipato settings page (via Homey) and attribute this pin code to a User:

Great! And did you manage to get it working with the RFID tags also?

Yes “ID 1” is a RFID Tags and “ID 2” & “ID 3” are pin codes !

How did you manage to get the tags working?

I need to try it again now i know that it should be working…

Is this Zipato reader working with Homey 2.1.x version?
I have a Benext, but that one is not supported anymore on v2, app not updated (App not updated in 2 years)

At my side it is working.

Only battery status is not updating anymore. So if someone has a solution for it…

Battery status is updating, but constant at 1% with me, also after battery replacement.\

Can it be a bug in the Zipato App where battery status OK (1) is assumed to be the percentage of the battery (1%)?

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How Does a flow look like to activate heimdall through the zipato rfid?

How do i set away mode? Just press away or away+tag?

Do i go through the device in the flow or NFC?

I have tried ”when user is away” then activate alarm” but when i press away on the zipato nothing happens…

Can anyone show me som flow or explain How to build the flow to activate the alarm?


Got it to work! Nevermind

So and you gonna keep the solution for your self or share it with your homey friends ? So that others that gonna have the same question can use your explonation :smiley:


Hi is the zipato app compatible with bebext tag Reader? The 2 tag Reader appear to be same.

Does anyone know if it is possible to read the rfid tags for cats?(dogs ofcourse not allowed😂). Just got my cats chipped, want to use is attached to the cat door.

how do you teach the cat to press on the home and away button ?! :joy:

@Osorkon very dump question. My cats are very good raised and have excellent habits. Pressing the home and away button will most likely only take a few days of learning.:see_no_evil:

So its reading the rfid “and” you have to press a button? Or is it possible it only reads the rfid. The way I wanted is to use is, if the reader reads the chip a flow starts(lights on/off on movement) only if the reader hasn’t read tge chip.