Zipato mini keypad

I’ve just bought the Zipato mini keypad. I’ve connected it to Homey as a device but i can’t work out how to set a code on the keypad. When I use the rfid tag it does not talk to Homey i.e. no change to the armed status.

What I am doing wrong here?

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You did install the Zipato app on homey?
You did include it close to homey?
The device is included correctly?
The device has a good connection with homey?

there is some old information on the forum, so guess its not up to date because its from the time of the old firmware V1.5. iam sure there it would help a bit.

If attached to the homey, the code is useless, only mode is to use buttons Home+token and Away+token as far as I know, additional code usage I never tried and as far as I know its not possible when using it together with the Homey.

It is possible tu use both RFID Tags and codes (I use to use codes and tags).

=> Zipato RFID Tag Reader

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My Zipato app is allways crashing if I try to add a tag :frowning:

Edit: Now everysthing ist fine. My batterie was too low.
I even made to add a Pin with 4 diggits. Super!!! Thanks

Dear all,
I would need some assistance from Zipato mini keypad users please.
I have just acquired mine and it looks like a great solution for Heimdall. After setup, everything’s seems to work fine, I added device, then tags, code for three users and can switch to Armed and disarmed status.
I have two questions to more experienced users
1- There is a status “Partially armed” with the Mini keypad device how can I use it as I only have the two buttons “Home” and “Away” ?, Any combo working ? Any user experience ?
2- I cannot manage in a flow to read which user is using the keypad as there is no value in the tag “User code report”(see image below), any advice would be very appreciated.
Many thanks


For my issue 2 above, I found a solution and it is great; To potentially help other beginners, please find a description here:
Indeed I was not looking at the right tag for the flow; It works using the tag in combination with the When card (here for instance “System disarmed” as you could see below

Forget the status of the pinpad, its not usable, they have the same names as Heimdahl, but there is no connection.

You found out about question 2, very good. Its even possible to use multiple tags per person.

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Yes thanks @M_a_r_c_o for the follow-up.
Regarding how we could deal with the two surveillance modes, I concluded with using the keypad only for the full surveillance mode which make sense to interact with the keypad at the door only when you leave/enter the house.
For the partial surveillance mode, you are within the house, thus I opted for a solution with an aqara button, this button pressed once is arming the partial surveillance mode and the same button pressed twice is disarming the surveillance mode.
To summarize the mini zipato is very convenient, works very well. just a shame there is no solution of this type available anymore (not sustained by the vendor and there is no similar alternative option).
The complement for the partial surveillance mode with the aqara button is very useful, pragmatic and practical option.
Any other solution / user experience to be shared ?

Using the aquara button is a good one. I now use 2 flows, one in the evening around bedtime with the question “Alarm on Ja/Nee” (if someone is at home) to Homey app and a flow just before standing up in the morning to disable the alarm (no question). So only in the evening I have to say yes/no or set the alarm using the surveillance mode (put in my favorite devices on Homey app on phone).

Hi to everyone.
I’m using one zipato keypad for a main entrance since many years.
Now I would use another one on a garage door, with the same tags of the main or different tags.
Is there any way to do that?
When I open zipato app on Homey system to setup it, I can see only the main keypad, nothing about the new one.
Thanks for any help.