Which RFID Tag reader / securitycode keypad to use


I am looking for a keypad that has a RFID tag reader and also accepts a 4-6 digit code.
I want to use this for setting/disarming the alarm built with Homey.

I also want to be able to see in Homey which person or which tag/code was used to disarm the alarm.

The Benext is not available anymore. Does anyone have any suggestions?


I’m using the Zipato WT-IRFID-EU


That one actually is the same as the Benext (rebranded??).
I think the Zipato keypad also is not available at the moment/anymore.
In Robbshop it even says EOL.


I built my own solution based om m5Stack and MQTT. Connect to Homey and Home Assistant. M5stack with face and RFID reader cost aprox 50,00 euro.

The entire project, including a manual is on GitHub

Gr. Remco

Sorry, in France we can still find it in few online shops

Your solution only accepts RFID tags and there is no possibility to enter a security code to disarm the alarm, am I right?

Unfortunately I cannot order the Zipato keypad at the store you bought yours. It does not ship to the Netherlands. And because it probably is End Of Line I think it is better not to buy, one just in case I get problems in the next 2 years. I’m not sure w.r.t. warranty if they can fix it or ship a new one if it can’t be fixed.

You’re right, sorry it wasn’t helpful…


That correct, I only use RFID keyfob, smartcards or stickers to disarm the alarm. You could use the 3 buttons to enter a pincode, or you could replace teh RFID reader below the screen for a numeriek keypad. Both is not possible.

Gr. Remco

No problem, all suggestions are welcome.

If you don’t want a DIY Solder/program solution, look at this
Just combine two cheap parts (available from anywhere) and you got a RFID/Keypad zwave solution.

Link to manual

Gr. Remco

I have talked to a Robbshop employee about that solution, but, using the Firbaro smart implant, it only can set the alarm and disarm the alarm when the code/tag is accepted
It does not share the code or RFID tag ID with Homey, so I cannot determine who disarmed the alarm.