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Thanks for reporting back, glad you got it working!

I’m trying out Heimdall to reduce the surveillance flows i already have. Sometimes the “arming delay” (set to 300 seconds) takes only 120 seconds. I haven’t found a reason why it skips time.

Made a flow : When “The time until armed changed” with output to Papertrails and i discovered the delay skipped at 105 seconds to 10 seconds, another time it skipped from 188 to 10 seconds.

That may very well be the Last door functionality.

Please look in the log on the Dashboard in the apps settingspages.

Hi Danee. You’re right, i thought the delay in device setup had something to do with alarm instead of arming. In some sensors I want immediate alarm (the technical room where the fuses are), others a delayed alarm (30 seconds by default) is fine to me.

Hi all,

Using Homey and Heimdall for quit a while now and I’m very happy with it.
I’m however looking into an option to disable and arm the alarm at the frontdoor. My first thought was to have some kind of alarm panel next to my front door on which we can enter a code. Could be me, but I have a hard time finding one without having to solder or anything like it. I have a very solid Zigbee network and I’m running very low on Zwave. So preferable I would like to use zigbee.

Why I’m looking for this option over using our phones or home/away option is that multiple people that are not using homey app are entering our house. i.e. Housekeeping (I don’t want to force her in using an app as she is not very techy and probably forgets her phone every know and then.)

Do you experts have a solid solution for this? I tried searching this forum quit a bit, without luck unfortunately. Thanks!

I personally use the RFID reader in Homey and use any card which has a RFID chip. New Homey devices don’t have a RFID technology included anymore.

You can also use home/away via Unify WiFi accesspoints but sometimes it take a while for recognition and this setup is quite technical.

Maybe more information in this thread: Which RFID Tag reader / securitycode keypad to use

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Hi, thank you for your answer.
I understand the difference between the alarm delay timer and the arming delay.
But I only see one option ‘delay’. I believe that when I turn ‘delay’ on, the door sensor will set my arming delay to 10s.
Is it possible to turn on the alarm delay (30s countdown when the alarm goes off) and keep the arming delay going after the door has been closed? (I have indoor door sensors).

You are right, on a device there is just the Delay option which will be used for both the Alarm Delay and shortening the Arming Delay when selected on a device.
Using a Delay on Door sensor is to be used on external doors by design.

There is a workaround for your use case however; create a flow like this to Disable and Enable the Delay on your Door sensor dynamically:

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had the same need and investigation to a solution you discribe. Ideally a solution for outside the house nearby the front door, it became a solution indoor.
Ring has a nice alarm keypad (I use Ring Pro), but unfortunately it is not added to the app. Soldering myself wasn’t something I was willing to do.
Finally chose to use the Aqara Wireless Remote Switch Double to arm and disarm my day/night alarm. I have hidden the switch a bit. It is not as safe as a keypad or RFID reader, but works Ok for now, until I come across a better solution.

I haven’t found an option for the following situation.

When the alarm is triggered, after the Heimdall Alarm delay a flow starts with Siren actions. When sensor warnings happen again, i want a lesser Alarm delay.

Feature request for Heimdall: Please, make a action card to setup the alarm-delay. The delay in Heimdall settings could stay the initial setting when arming surveillance.

I think this can be done with already available cards:

Okay, another way of thinking :thinking:

I need an extra flow, but you’re absolutely right: i reach my goal when doing it this way.
Thank you for your quick responce.

Message nr. 1000 :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

@DaneedeKruyff I will make you a donation ! Thank you

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RFID from Zipato is working fine in Homey.

@Andrea_M Thank you for sharing your experience. I go find a shop.

Hi Danee,

Is it possible to get a third section?
I want use a standalone section for the garage.

Hello @Herby

I’m not entirely sure what you mean with a third section, I guess you mean an extra Surveillance Mode. If so, that’s mentioned int the FAQ:

Q: There are only three Surveillande Modes , Disarmed , Partially Armed and Fully Armed . I think I need more, can I add some?
A: No, three Surveillance Modes will be enough. You are are able to add and remove devices to/from a Surveillance Mode from a flow, making the combination of Armed zones unlimited. See this post how to do that.

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You can create 2 modes with Virtual Device app. One for your garage and another for your home.

Combine it with Heimdall in your flow.

Hi Danee, seit ca. 3 Jahren bin ich “auf” Homey. Seit ca. 3 Monaten bin ich auf Heimdall; Mann, bist Du gut!!! Vielen Dank, AtomiumMani

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