Ziggo app

I got my Fibaro smoke detectors and Sonos easily connected with the Homey. But when I try to connect the Ziggo Horizo box with the Ziggo app, nothing happens.

The installation seems to be successful (that’s what the installation says), but at the end I can’t do anything. Do you have any suggestions what to try now?

Aa far as I know both apps work terribly. Both don’t work for me either. I have no solution. For me I can get it to work with harmony hub or Neeo. Maybe the infrared learning mode from homey is a possibility

The Ir learing mode of homey stille doesn’t work as far as know

The problem with the Horizon is, that they don’t have a published API. The app I made uses a method that someone once found out by testing.
I have a Homey 2.0 version ready but am unable to make it work. Then again, the old version also doesn’t work for me anymore.

I am not sure if anything changed in my network, or that an update of the Horizon box changed things so the method doesn’t work anymore. I think, however, that this is what happened; I might have to remove the app from the app store until a new way was found.

Just for you, great that you developed it. I am aware that Ziggo is not that open with these things. For example the remote functions. For some reason some functions are not open for developers. My harmony always had problems with ziggo, and still has problems. Therefore I switched to Neeo and found out that they did not have the same problems harmony does have. Don’t give up your good work. Thx from me.

Still working like a charme overhere