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Harmony App not working?

Is anyone having issues with the Harmony Hub app? The developer isn’t responding to issues, so I’m not sure if it is still supported. I can add a trigger for starting activities. But when I add a trigger for stopping activities or devices being turned off, the flow is not triggered at all. Anyone having the same issues?

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I’m using Homey fw 1.5.12 and Harmony Hub app 1.2.1 beta and have no problems.
Don’t know what versions you have runnning?

I’m using Homey fw 1.5.12 and Harmony Hub app 1.2.1 beta too. I do not dare to touch it, as it runs (more or less) OK. Occasionally it misses a trigger. No support anymore, so I leave it as is.

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The same. 1.512 and Harmony 1.2.1. beta. I tried to switch back to 1.2.0, but that didn’t solve it.

Having an open community with app developers is great, but also frustrating when they stop supporting and no one takes over…

I agree!

The functionality of Homey depends on the eagerness of enthusiasts to develop Apps. That - in my opinion - is also a risk in the chosen business model. Mainstream functionality should be natively supported (in protocol i.e. KaKu, Zigbee, Z-wave, BT and IR but also for devices; like Hue, Ikea, Harmony, Somfy). Perhaps after Homey v3 more Athom engineering time will be allocated to App development.


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The good news is that Jeroen just replied on Github:

because of my busy schedule the last year, unfortunately, this project didn’t get the attention it deserves. Next Thursday I will be having a 3,5 week holiday and I am planning to address all the open bugs. Keep an eye on the beta channel for updates. If for any reason I still can’t make up to this promise I will try to find someone who can take over this project. Sorry for the poor support this last year.

Warm regards,

Jeroen van Reenen

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I bought a Harmony Hub because InfraRed does not really work for me. I’m satisfied how things work now, but what’s gonna happen when the app doesn’t get real support anymore. I hope Athom will support this app in the future. Maybe we can have a poll to convince Athom about this.

In my experience the Logitech API (which the plugin probably uses) is sometimes just very unresponsive, and probably has a quota too… It’s behaving better than a year ago though


I am Jeroen van Reenen the developer of this app. As stated earlier I am very sorry for the poor support from my side this last year.

My intention is to better support this app from now on and even add some new features to it. If you experience any weird behavior or are waiting for a new feature to be added be sure to create an issue here
Please be as extensive as possible :wink:

Warm regards,

Jeroen van Reenen


Welcome back Jeroen :wink:

Its great to see you again!

Great that you started on the open issues Jeroen! The app is great, so it needs and deserves your support :slight_smile:

2 questions / requests:

1 - Can we add ‘Off’ as a harmony activity trigger? (the ‘off’ button on top of the remote)

2 - Is it also possible to send harmony / device commands through wifi to the hub (not activities, but individual commands)? I see we can drag the devices to the flow and I then see ‘Control group’ and ‘command’ but I’m not sure what that means or how to use them.

Hi Paul,

I am not entirely sure what you mean by can we add ‘Off’ as a harmony activity trigger? (the ‘off’ button on top of the remote), if you want a way to stop the current activity this can be done by dragging the Harmony hub app to the then lane of your flow and select the Power Off activity like this:

It is possible to send device commands through this app through the control group and command. I agree with you that this isn’t a very intuitive way but unfortunately, this is how the harmony hub is exposing this commands. I am open to suggestions on improving this but I am afraid options are somewhat limited by how the harmony hub is dealing with this.

Warm regards,

Jeroen van Reenen

I have opened an official app thread here: Homey Harmony Hub (v1.2.1)

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Since some time now when in the evening my lights turn on (kaku) my harmony activity suddenly stops ??? Does anyone else experience similar behaviour?

Hi @jreenen,

what I mean is the top button on the remote of every Harmony. See image.

The ‘Off’ button is a non user defined activity and turns off every device that is on. Would be great if that button could trigger a flow (see other image here: https://www.screencast.com/t/5SyZvbtcL)

Hi Jeroen,

Can you report an issue here please specify which kaku device you are using this makes trying to reproduce your issue easier. Lets continue further discussion on the official app topic.


Jeroen van Reenen

Further discussion takes place at the official app topic.
If u have any problems with that plz feel free to contact me.