Zigbee Range with Innr smartplug SP-120

I’m trying to connect Innr SP-120 to my homey. The first one, within reach of 1 meter of homey connects very easy. But trying to connect SP-120 in the basement doesn’t pair at all; Message on app keeps telling me to connect by pushing the button for 5s. Nothing happens… What is wrong ?

Did you try pairing it close to Homey and then moving it to the basement.
I have 4 innr SP120 plugs on 3 different floors working perfectly.

As already answered in the other topic:

It is not desirable to ask the same question in different topics. Specially if it is found easily by using the search function.

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Hi Peter, newbie since a few hours. Apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks for the tip(s)

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Saw that, so no problem, just informational :+1:

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