Innr sp240 not working as a Zigbee repeater?


I have two Innr sp240 and I am wondering if these are working as Zigbee repeaters?

What I am experiencing is that when I put one of the smart plugs on the first floor, approx. 15 m away from the Homey Pro 2023, and the signal needs to go through two walls and one ceiling the smart plug is not reacting. If I put another smart plug below that one on the first floor (almost directly, max. 3 m), the sp240 on the ground floor can be controlled, but the one on the first floor is still not working.

Another indicator is that a smpl display is already too far away from the Homey at the same spot on the ground floor where I have on of the sp240 (update of the display is not reliable, but it becomes reliable when I put it closer to the Homey). With the sp240 on the ground floor (which can be controlled through Homey) half a meter away from the smpl display the update of the display is still not reliable. If the sp240 would act as a Zigbee repeater then the smpl display should have a good signal and the update of the display should be reliable, right?

Can I somehow check if the two sp240 are acting as a Zigbee repeater?


@ the developer pages you can see the device types. When it says “End-device” it does not have a router function (enabled):

By ‘interviewing’ the devices, you can ‘unlock’ some features sometimes. It can’t hurt to try.

In general, all mains powered zigbee devices should have a router function.

Wow, that’s too much…
Try to add more router enabled devices, keep distances at max 4 meter, and have max. 1 wall or max 1 ceiling in between.

These are not ‘hard’ limits, but more like a way, I think it’s best, to start building a good zigbee mesh network.
It’s all in all a bit experimenting with distances and obstacles. Different brands and models can reduce or ruin performance,
and don’t forget to tune your wifi and zigbee channels!

I have about 10 SP240 devices and all off them are functioning as a router. Therefor I can confirm it’s working properly.

Thanks for the comprehensive answer. I can confirm they are listed as routers. I did a reset of the Zigbee network (only had three devices) and started over with adding the SP240 first and last the smp display. Played around with the distance and the first SP240 is now approx. 5 m from the Homey, without walls. The second is then another 5 m with one wall in between. The smpl display directly near the second SP240. Now its working perfectly. Also the power consumption is now displayed correctly. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link. I will have some reading and see if I can improve the Wifi and Zigbee coexistence even more.


You’re welcome, and that’s good to hear!