Zigbee: problems receiving signal son HP23?


As a new HP23 owner I have serious troubles with the Zigbee connection from end devices to the HP23.

I have a IKEA Somrig button & Philips HUE tap dial switch. Via a simple flow they are both connected to a IKEA Tretakt smart plug.
Running the flow to turn on / off the Tretakt plug always works with the HP iOS app or HP web app.

When I phisically use the Somrig button or Hue switch to start the flow it doesn’t work most of the time or with a serious lag.
After pairing, the first couple of hours everything works flawless. But then the connection starts to fail.
I get slightly better results with the Hue switch but far from good. The button & switch are only 2m from the HP23 (0,5m or 15,m it makes no difference).

I’ve also connected an old Smartwares 433Mhz remote to the HP23. When I start the flow with that remote it always works!

The Somrig button is connected to HP23 with the IKEA Tradfri app. For the Hue switch I’ve both used the official HUE app & the “Philips Hue without the bridge” app. No difference between the 2 apps.

For 2 years I have a separate Hue network and never had any issues before with the HUE bridge. When I directly connect the Hue Dial Switch to the Hue bridge it works always and instantly.

The Hue bruidge network is operating on channel 25.
The HP23 Zigbee network on channel 15. I already did change the channel on the HP23 without any result.
My 2.4Ghz WiFi is on channel 6.

Besides the IKEA button, Hue Switch and the IKEA Tretakt plug I have 5 Sonoff thermometers connected to my HP23. That’s not a heavy loaded Zigbee network I think…

I’ve tried almost everything I could:

  • Changed 2.4Ghz en Zigbee channels
  • Reinstalled the IKEA, HUE and “Hue without the bridge” apps
  • Rebooted the HP23
  • Repaired the button & switch

The only thing I did not tryed yet is adding a zigbee router. I thought that wasn’t necessary because of my “little” network.

Has anyone run into the same problem that the HP23 has difficulties receiving Zigbee signals? Sending signals to devices is no problem.

Hope someone can help me :slight_smile:


Did you try replacing the batteries? Even if you think the current ones are new or full?
Just to see if that makes a difference.

Also note this statement below from the firmware overview. Seems not related to your experiences, but it’s not yet 100% fine imho

I’ve changed batteries but still the same problem.

OK. Any neighbor wifi signals spoiling the fun?
This is a nice tool to view any wifi signal & their channels in your home

Hello Tim,

How are your Zigbee network?

Zigbee switches etc. (enddevices) do not repeat the zigbee signal to create a strong mesh network.
Only hardwired Zigbee devices do that eg. 230v devices.

Do you have 230v zigbee devices in your setup? :slight_smile:

It indeed is best practice to first add some router devices, before adding end-devices.

BUT, I also want to say I started out with 12 Aqara zigbee sensors (end-devices) at various places (fridge, upstairs bathroom, outside shed), without any issues for many months.
And it was with a Pro 19 :stuck_out_tongue:
And yes, I’m ‘blessed’ with 2.4GHz signals of 6 neighbor’s as well.

Hello Peter,

I agree, but it varries for diffent places and setups, if you eg. have homey located very close to a wifi output, it could indeed create some problems for enddevices, if the network is not in a good mesh state :slight_smile:

i my self also have very few Zigbee routers located and my enddevices works just fine.

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It depends on various factors indeed, Oliver.

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Hi guys,
About a week ago I added an Aeotec zigbee range extender to my HP23 zigbee network and now everything works perfect.
Thanks for the help!

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