Zigbee networks, IKEA Dirigera and Homey?


I want to add an Aqara humidity Zigbee device in a bathroom and connect to my Homey-pro (2019).

This will be my first Zigbee device added to my Homey and there will be some distance between the device and hub. Hence, I fear that the device might be out of reach from the hub…

I do, however, have a large (about 50-60 units) Zigbee network of IKEA devices connected to an IKEA Dirigera hub. But as far as I know I cannot add the Dirigera to the Homey hub.

I guess this means that I’ll have two different Zigbee networks?

Is there anyway that my IKEA stuff can assist the mesh network reach of the Aqara device/Homey?

Should I go for some other humidity device, that is not Zigbee?



Only if you move (some of) your IKEA devices from the Dirigera hub to Homey directly.


Any issues running two parallels Zigbee networks to consider?

Usually not, WiFi and Zigbee are usually more of an issue (because WiFi uses stronger radios). There are a few threads on the forum on how to limit the amount of interference caused by WiFi.

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