Zigbee driver implementation

I’m still with my NEO siren driver.

I got this message :slight_smile:

When I try to activate the siren.
I’m understanding it is OK, because it is said ‘SUCCESS’ , am I right ?

But … the siren is still mute !

Is there a kind of guide to understand this ? About the way to debug such an issue ?

Thank you for your help.

I think “SUCCESS” means that the device received the command okay, that’s all.

From what I can gather from this thread, to turn the siren on/off you should target cluster 6, where you seem to be targeting cluster 0xef00 (which is used to set melody/duration/volume). Although that might be about a different model of Neo siren.

I’m still trying to implement a driver for a NEO siren with manufacturer ID “_TZE204_t1blo2bj”. For doing this I start from the driver included in the Tuya ZigBee app and designed for a siren with “_TZE200_d0yu2xgi” manufacturer ID.

I found several sources on the NET that convinced me that the two models of siren are identical.

So, I change the manufacturer ID in app.json and driver.compose.

A few things are working : I can pair the siren, I can play with the cards : data seems sent to the device but I was unable to make the siren sounding …
Nothing appears on the screen of my phone unless I add :
this.setCapabilityValue(‘measure_temperature’, 22) within device.js.

I receive info from the device :

**zigbee-clusters:cluster ep: 1, cl: basic (0) received frame reportAttributes basic.reportAttributes {attributes: <Buffer 01 00 20 40 e2 ff 20 16> }
**zigbee-clusters:cluster ep: 1, cl: basic (0) received frame reportAttributes basic.reportAttributes {attributes: <Buffer 01 00 20 4a e2 ff 20 38 e4 ff 20 00>}

But they were never transmited to device.js. So these infos couldn’t be processed.
It seems very strange.
I do not understand where the issue could be.
And, finally, I wonder if this driver has been ever working ?
If necessary, I could made other tests very easily ….
Thank you for your help

Have you set up attribute reporting properly?

That’s what I have in this section :

I don’t see any attribute reporting code.

So, I have to add them ??

I’m surprised because this driver was supposed to work …


Read The Fine Manual.

I’m trying …

But, when I try to write :
I can’t, because TEMPERATURE_MEASUREMENT is not known :slight_smile:

These are my statements :

WXhat I’m doing wrong ?

Not Reading The Fine Manual! :rage:

Fine Manual ?

Ok !

I’m going forward! What is the meaning of this :

Thank you very much for your help …

Regarding the attribute code, I write this :

It was OK for the first statement, but I got an error on the scond :

I am perplex as the cluster exists ! It was Ok for the first statement …
Thank you for your help …

Good remark …
How, can I change this …
I’ve also noticed that a lot of info were transmited via basic cluster instead of tuya.
And those info seems not processed by the driver.

A difference between interview of the original siren and the new I’m intended to implement is the emergence of this basic cluster

Best regards