Siren Heiman (zigbee) is not compatible

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I have just purchased a Heiman Siren (zigbee) but impossible to pair it with the homey pro (2023) and I have just realized that Heiman manufactures the siren in z-wave but also in zigbee and obviously the Homey only works with the siren in Z-wave.

So I would like to know if the Heiman material (zigbee) will soon be compatible? or if I have to send the siren back to buy another one.

for information the reference of the zigbee siren is: HS2WD-E
and the z-wave model reference is: HS2WD-Z


No one will be able to answer that, unless an app developer has planned to program or customize an app and reads your post. Athom itself is not active here in the forum.

If there is no app in the App Store for this device incl. the wireless protocol, than this device is not supported with 99% probability, Zigbee lamps are an exception (source).

You have the following options:

  1. Program your own app
  2. Ask the app developer of the Heiman app to add this device (contact options can be found in the App Store)
  3. Ask in this thread if someone is willing to program an app for this device
  4. Send it back (favorite and fastest way)
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I was just hoping that athom looks at this category of the forum at least, and it loses its interest, it’s a shame.
Thank you for your reply.

What you can do of course, you can always contact Athom support and ask if they are willing to implement this or that.

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