Smart Indoor Sirene by Wattle . How too make this work with Homey pro?

Hi :slight_smile:

i just purchased a Siren by Wattle. Ive been in contact with Heimgard that is currently supporting this product. They say that Heiman made their sensores but Heiman only have zwave on their list of supported products for Homey pro.
They told me to ask someone on this forum to help me make this work. They said that i maybe can use an other cofiguration from an other zigbee product. is it anybody here that can help me with this?? :slight_smile:

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A zigbee siren is basically an OnOff device; it should work when it’s added as generic zigbee device.
Not tested :grimacing:

tried, it connects but it says that it dosent support on and off. when i try to make a flow. The product does not appear as an option in any way.


Hi did u manage to Connect it ? I can see that it reports as a Heiman device but the activation process in the heiman β€œapp” does not work…