Siren Homey Pro

Hi. I’m looking for an outside siren for my house. Little bit difficult to find compatible device. I’m living close to the mountains, it could be cold, so I prefer real outside siren. Thank you.

Try aliexpress. There’s quite a few options there.
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Goto Homey App Store (Popp and Smabit)

If it is very cold and a lot of rain and snow i would buy a normal siren for outside use and switch the powersupply of the siren by Homey.

use a standaard 230 volt siren for outside and switch this thing with a shelly relais
There are Zigbee or Wifi siren but allmost all not for outside.

Thanks to all for your answers. I Will check first the Homey pro apps. If I win’t find what I want I Will manage with a switch. Thanks again. Jmichel

I checked on the Homey Pro apps for all the outdoor compatible sirens working on Zigbee and I couldn’t find any that is not discontinued. The problem with a Shelly relay is that you cannot benefit from the different options (db level, siren removed from its base, etc.).
Also, I need to find a zigbee siren as all my modules work on Zigbee and the connection is very poor across our house (big walls, long distance).
Did I miss something? Have you tried other options?

I also checked Homey Pro apps and … only 2 models could be ok for me. But there are no more on the market !! I’m very surprised not to find more zwave models. One way is to wait :weary:. For sure, I want to but a model compatible with Homey pro. Because few montres ago I bought a nice model but not compatible and it doesn’t work.

this? Smart Siren - Zigbee alarm siren and range extender - frient

Not really an outdoor siren @Hielke_de_Jong. It should deliver at least 110db and be IP68 protected.
@Jean-Michel_Gagneux I had the same problem. I already had an indoor siren that I tried to connect as a generic Zigbee device but the on/off function didn’t work and returned an error.
I find it very strange that Homey doesn’t recommend at least one or 2 options and have the proper app to integrate this. Maybe I misunderstood the purpose of Homey which is not to handle the home security but the home automation.