Outdoor Siren for Homey

Hi at all, I’m looking for an outdoor siren able to be matched with Homey but, if I’m not wrong, there isn’t availble in the market this kind of appliance. Also Vision ZM 1602 is declared by Vision as indoor siren
Do someone find a different solution ?
Thank you

Vision ZM1621 is outdoor rated. And it works just fine with Homey, I had one for testing. Loud as it gets…
Hope this helps.

Hello Andrea,
Also still looking for an outdoor siren, I got a reply on similar query here zwave outdoor siren
I like the solar and easy installation (zwave & self powered) but not sure about the POPP outdoor siren anymore as I read many comments saying it is not very loud, not powerful enough, thus more feedbacks / experiences from users will be appreciated in regards with outdoor sirens for Homey … :+1:

@ Andrea Motivated by your post, I decided to go for it and buy the Popp outdoor siren, True that it is given for 105 DB only but in Paris for instance you cannot install an outdoor siren of more than 105 DB running for3mn max or you get fined for 450 € potentially. The Australian siren looks very nice as well but I am afraid of legal issues in regards with the EU.regulation in the end. (1) Circulaire du ministère de l’Intérieur n° NOR/INT/D/98/00227/C du 4.11.98. (2) Arrêté préfectoral n° 00-10803 du 29.5.00. (3) Art. 131-13 et R 623-2 du code pénal.
I will debrief asap here

A first feedback about the outdoor solar siren (POPP Siren 2), the installation was really smooth, very good integration with Homey (nb: no temperature measure with V2), you could setup your siren with stroboscopic effects in combination with the siren or not and you have the options for sabotage to trigger the alarm or not.
The Zwave range from Homey to the siren was not an issue (in my case 20m distance with wall obstacles and no zwave relay in between).
As anticipated and in line with the comments I read previously, indeed the buzzer is not loud despite the description from Popp but it is very high pitched.
The problem is that, if being outdoor you could hear it from good distance, most likely the people who entered your house won’t be afraid about it and the risk is high that they wouldn’t even notice it … For the neighborhood I am not sure they would qualify that sound as an alarm sound related to a burglar.

Review summary

  • Very limited options on the market for outdoor solar sirens
  • Structural design of the Popp solar siren is very good (Zwave plus and solar) except for its ridiculous buzzer (couldn’t be 105dB)
  • Very good integration with Homey
  • Price is reasonable
  • The alarm is not effective

However we have the alternative to modify the alarm replacing the buzzer as you could get most probably more appropriate buzzers for very cheap. It is ordered already, I will post here an update after the mod is implemented !

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Thank you to everybody
I think could be a solution the solar siren but unfortunately, the placement of siren is oriented at north so no sun for whole day :frowning:
Thank you