[ZIGBEE] Can I manually assign zigbee mesh nodes?

If I have understood the zigbee protocol correctly, the controller can only speak directly with 5 nodes.
Is it possible for me to manually assign these nodes somehow? Or is is based on what 5 nodes was set up first? (If that is the case I have a badly set up mesh, and it would take a day to reassign all nodes and correct their corresponding flows).

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Where did you find that information?

And what type controller are you talking about?

Homey Bridge

Homey Pro (Early 2016-2019)

Homey Pro (Early 2023)


Replies via e-mail did not work all that well.
I mistyped the original post, it was supposed to be 15.

I am trying to find out if the hub is fixed on the first 15 routers added to the network, or if it changes automatically (for example via discovery upon power-up) or if they can be manually changed.

If they are fixed, then my mesh is very un-evenly distributed.

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