Zigbee bulb and power outage

Good morning

after a power outage my zigbee bulbs light up and there is no setting for this.

How do I get them back to the state before they were cut off?

thank you all

There’s a “System” card “Homey has started”. That fires at boot time. Let it delay for, say, 15 minutes in order for the networks to restart and then switch your lights to whatever state you want them in.

Good morning,

it’s a good idea, which corrects part of the pb.

but I would have liked them to return to the state before the cut.

Basically, most lights will turn on after power up. Simple logic: if your homey for whatever reason doesn’t work, you can still switch lights manually (assuming they are behind a manual on/off switch).

However, there is an app called “Zone Memory” that says it can store and retrieve state information. I never tried this app, so I can’t tell you how well it works. Give it a try… probably trigger a restore from said “Homey has started” flowcard?