Default state for lights after power down

Is it possible to set a default state for lights in Homey after power down? Everytime I have an outage, all my lights turn on when the power is back. Is it possible to somehowe define the default state as off?

Often it’s default behaviour of the lamps.
I use this flow after power outages.
It switches all lights off (twice, to be sure) when I’m not present / awake at that moment.


Hmm, if there is no power - the lamps are off anyway :wink:

But yeah - the “Homey has started” is good thing to use for some uncontrollable lamps. But initially i’d look into advanced parameters (if there is any - You do not specified device type). In some cases there is possible to set parameter “how to act after power failure”.
But yes - depends. For some stand alone connected lightbulbs the power on is the signale to switch on.

For smart plugs that ususally is possible.
I think, the idea for lights to always turn on after power on, is you can operate lamps manually with their switches, in case the smart things are unavailable.
It would be kind of strange if a lamp stays off when you power it on. At least, that’s imho.

Yes, actually i think on exactly same way :wink:
But, as in the initial question was not told, which kind of “lights” there are, and asked about how to “define default state” - then there may-be possibility or may not (and logically).

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With Philips Hue lamps in combination with the “Philips Hue, without the bridge” app it is possible to set the behavior after a power failure. With Innr lamps e.g. it’s not possible.

So as @Cuprum already mentioned, it depends on the the lamps and probably also the app.

Maybe you can try this app.
Zone Memory
Only Homey Pro.

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