What to do in case of a power failure and all the lights are on when the power goes on

Where I live (Spain) there are often (short) power failures. My Ikea lamps turn on when the power comes up again. Homey comes up a short while later (it was shut down because of the same power failure). How can I put them in the state when the failure had occured?

Check out the candy app.
It can detect when homey restarts, you can use that to trigger a flow to set a scene.

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To save the state is hard en takes a lot of flows.

Like Fkey says use the candy app combined whit is some one home en if time is between.

I don’t know how long the power outages are but you’d might want to have a look at an UPS and/or battery to keep Homey running.
Homey might crash if it looses power unexpectedly.
Altough this might go seriously wrong sometime…

I installed the Candy app, but I can’t get the API Token. When I click to get it, it opens a browser window for Login Homey. This says that Browsers are not supported. Any Idea?

Deny the warning, ur token is in the page after u logged in

I did what you suggested, so I logged in. But then? I have no idea where to look for the token.

You can find that on the old Forum :wink:

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