When the power shuts down zigbee lamps turn on

When the electricity shuts down everything that is connect with zigbee to homey pro 2023 every lamp turns on. When the lamps turn on they don’t appear turned on in homey pro. Can’t we adjust that the lamps remember the last status after a power outage? (Z2m) has this possibility) When I’m not at home and the electricity goes down I return to every lamp turned on. My lamps are ikea and ledvance.
Thank you!.

As far as I know you can set that for IKEA Trådfri in the Trådfri HUB, only not sure it survives a reset-repair to Homey. There is no option in Homey to configure that (at least not for the Zigbee devices I have).

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Don’t know if it is possible with this app?

You can save a state of the devices.
And if Homey has restarted you can automaticly load the saved state so all the lights are off.
But when you are at home at knight then you are in the dark.
Maybe activate the flow only when nobody is at home.

Just a idea.

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I made a flow which turns off all lights after a reboot, when no one’s home. It is what is is :sweat_smile:
On a Pro 2019 you’d have to enable Experiments > Power user to enable this card:

But, I happen to like it when my lights turn on when I power it with a standard switch, so I’m happy with this ‘feature by accident’.
If I’d change the “power on” setting to ‘Off’, or ‘Previous’ (if that were possible @ Homey), I can’t turn on any light manually when Homey is having it’s day night off.

Philips Hue devices (lamps and plugs), which are integrated via Philips Hue, without a bridge app, have this possibility: