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Power outtage zigbee down

Ladt night i had a power outtage due to a socked in the kichen burning out after the power went back on everything goes on again
But since then my lights arent controllable
The lights and switches i talk about are ikea tradfri
Work on zigbee

The lights itself turn on when they get power but they give the error on homey mac not ack
And 205 no network route

Anyone any idea what to do
It took me 3 days to connect them all
Restarting homey didnt work lights on off on also not

Ouch… that sucks… hope you have not fried any electronics.

Try disconnecting all IKEA and Homey from the grid for aprox 10 minutes, then turn on the IKEA devices and after this turn on Homey. Allow Homey to start up and have the apps loaded, will take some minutes.