MQTT Hub switching a light On every time Homey Updates


On my Homey Pro 2023, for the second time, I noticed that when Homey updates and restarts during the night, MQTT Hub automatically starts one of my light Bulbs (Ikea)?!?!?

In the morning find the light “On”, and I can see in History: “Activated by Benjamin via MQTT Hub”.

When I manually restart MQTT Hub, nothing happens; it’s only when Homey updates.
I’m not sure whether it’s a misleading error message or there is an action MQTT Hub does in that case.

Did you notice something on your side?


Offtopic: My advice is to turn off all those unannounced updates, no surprises anymore and you decide what and when you update.

Ontopic: with zigbee2mqtt I found some lights turning on when I restart the HA add-on.
I do want lights to turn on after a power outage, but probably a reset of Homey generates a similar signal, not sure why it happens while the power to the lights is up all the time.

For most zigbee lights (and other devices) there’s a setting what to do after power outage
You can decide to set it to “Off”

My main concern to the “Off” setting is, in case of zigbee issues, you never can turn the light on by switching the power off-on…

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Hi @Peter_Kawa , thanks for your tips, I will give it a try

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