Ikea Lights - How to turn off in Homey when they are powered down

I’ve replaced the light in our toilet with an Ikea bulb.

I thought to use this lamp as a trigger for our mechanical ventilation to turn temporary on a higher throughput. After X minutes the mechanical ventilation is returning to normal and the bulb is switched off.

There is only 1 obvious flaw in this plan :slight_smile: Homey doesn’t register when the power is cut to the lamp and it is not switching the lamp to off in the flow because it isn’t reachable.

Is there a way to turn off lights in homey which aren’t reachable?

You can’t really use a smart bulb as a switch like that (not only are smart bulbs not meant to be cut from power, it may also take quite some time before Homey actually knows that it’s unavailable and it will mess up your Zigbee network).

If you want to detect if someone is using the toilet, use a regular light bulb and either a motion sensor or a light sensor (which will be triggered by someone turning on the light). Or keep the smart bulb and make sure the power can’t be cut (in which case you’d use a motion sensor to switch on the light automatically).


I knew it wasn’t ideal, but didn’t have a discrete motion/light sensor lying around.

Now a sensor is in place and the logic based on the light bulb is skipped :slight_smile: