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Zigbee add new device turns blank screen


When i want to add a zigbee device, it first comes with a blank screen saying, follow instructions, then after a few seconds it comes with a blank screen add Zigbee device. But there is nothing on the screen. Only thing to do is press the x button.

I allready reset my zigbee network (ps this is the first time i want to use zigbee)
And my homey updates are up to date.

Anyone having the same problem or does anyone have a solution?

Thnks in advance

And you did install the correct app?

This happens with the zigbee setup from homey itself and also with the kaku trust zigbee app

I’m having the same issue. Can’t delete or add zigbee devices, both give a blank screen. The zigbee network also has a reset button, but I really don’t want to add all my devices again.
Anyone been able to solve this?

I was able to add my zigbee device via the Homey software on windows, but not via the web interface.