Blank screen when added device

Hi, I’m new in the homey family and i have an issue when I try to add my first device. Even I select multiple app, nothing happen when I try to add a new device, I can select and install the app but when I click on the device to add it, I have a blank screen with a loading ring and nothing happen.

Here is some screenshot. Do you have an idea on my issue?

Install the app, go to devices, push the + button right top and add a device for the apps you i stalled

Yeah do it like Marcel_Ubels instructions. If you have installed the App for your device and push the button on the right corner it looks like so

Choose the app for your device and follow the instructions on the screen.

thanks for your answer but it’s exacly what I do. But when I click on the device to add it, blank screen appear and no instruction come…

@Edouard_Duhail welcome to the family!
It might be that the Zigbee chip has not initialized completely.

Can you try to disconnect Homey from the power plug for a few minutes and then reconnect it. Wait for 20 minutes before retrying to add the sensor again.

Ok I will try it tonight and let you know. For information, it’s the same issue with 433Mhz device.

Good evening, i shutdown homey for 30min and let homey start for 2 hours after that and I’m still not available to add device (ZigBee or 433 or other…)…

You also could try a other ac adapter. Maybe that’s the problem. I read some issues with new Homeys.

Hi, new AC do not change anything. I think it’s coming from the app because from developper website I can add device and manage setting of app, which is impossible from my mobile phone… it’s working on iPhone app.