Blank 'Devices' screen

When opening the Homey app, all tabs works well, except the ‘Devices’ tab. When selecting the app starts to load the page, before completing the screen goes blank (white).
The issue is consistent on both phone and tablet.
Seems related to old issue: Homey screen blanks out
This started a month+ ago, was waiting for a app update, but …

Best to report that one to Athom via Submit a request – Homey Support
Sounds like you have a device that is corrupted or something.

Does the Web App work OK (

Had this once, a Homey reboot fixed it for me, but since you see this for months I guess it doens’t for you?

You could try disable apps one by one to see if one of those has a bad device?

This happening for me if Homey is too busy. After Restart the COU usage is very high. During this high load time the app is showing blank screens some times. But only sime minutes until Homey is ready.

Please check insights, if there is much CPU/memory usage.

Did you find a fix?