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Homey screen blanks out

When I open my homey v2 app all goes well, until I want to open the apparaten tab then the app gives me a blank screen. What is happening here?

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Had the same issue, seems solved now. Can you try again?

Same issue here aswell. Works again now. Guess ther were some server/connection problems.

Had same issue. Settings were also affected. Was worried a bit that my homey had died. Glad i wasn’t alone

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everything normal here, maybe some server works or something. Can’t we get push messages about this?

If this is a server issue I would ask athom how on Earth this could lead to this since all is done directly on homey (or at least it should).

I can imagine a function return_online_ip :
If not online the function returns “none” and the app works offline
if online the function returns the “IP-address”

But what if Homey is online but the function returns “totalbullshit-number”

The app should remember which ip adres / token Homey was last found at. If for some reason the phone can’t connect to the cloud to authenticate try to authenticate directly on the homey on the same f# network. How hard can that be.

:roll_eyes: see Jeroen’s reaction… Bugfree software is a dream so no need to nag…

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This explanes a lot :sunglasses:
I had the same problem