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Blank screen in Homey windows app


When I start my software in windows I just get a blank white screen. I cant log in to my homey to add stuff like flows and apps…

my phone app works, I can start and stop devices, also flows are working…

any ideas?

I rebooted the pc, changed wireless AP etc…

Just don‘t use the Windows app please!
Use the chrome Browser.

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did it, and now I see that 4 days ago I’ve had an update to 1.5.13…

Anyone else problems with the desktop app after the latest update?

must say it wasn’t that obvious to find the adress for controlling homey via chrome…

edit: the link


Can you give the adress. I have the same blank screen at the desktopapp and can`t find the adress for the browser.


https://my.athom.com :slight_smile: