Z-Wave stability (again)

Just after I was happy that my (50+) z-wave network was performing relatively stable, suddenly this stopped over a week ago.

  • Z-wave devices no longer sending a status update, nevertheless the connection is working (tested).
  • PIR and contact sensors continuously in an alarm state for days, and also sensors that won’t report an alarm state, nevertheless devices are working and are reachable.
  • Z-wave devices losing connection having a direct route to Homey without hops, far from Homey and don’t create a mesh connection with other existing (220v) hops in between, even is these hops are used by other devices.
  • Flows that do not perform properly, z-wave devices (wall plugs and wall switches) not switching off when controlled by a flow, and the connected devices remain on the entire night.
  • The Z-wave network scheme (development) that falsely shows devices as unreachable (false positive) .

But then, Homey software updates at the same period as the stability of the z-wave network became poor (versions 7.4.3, 8.0.0 and 8.01). Coincidence?

This is not the first time that Z-wave performs poorly on my Homey. I don’t want to spent time on this, but the decision to add a Z-wave controller to my RPi and start testing and comparing is getting closer each day.