Z-wave Reset - Quick check - Make sure I am not mad

I have run into some issues with my z-wave network and from all the posts I have read a network reset is my best bet to address. I have read so many pages today I just wanted to quickly check that the only way to reset the z-wave network is to systematically go through and remove each device using the the developer tool.

I am sorry to ask, I have read so much to try and address the poor response and phantom nodes. I am commencing now with a small hope someone may have a better answer but resigned to delete each manually…

Thank you for reading this!

Or this:

Just mind that ALL Zwave devices needs to be re-included again!!


THANK YOU! I assumed the developer tools was the only place. This will save so much time. If a man could bear another mans children I would strongly consider bearing yours right now. If you ever make it down under look me up and free flowing beer shall be yours!

Thank you again!


Wauw, cheers!

Gareth, can I help you too? :wink: :beers:

of course, it wont be long before I hit another challenge and you can be top of my list :wink:

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Before you reset your z-wave network, have you tried to turn of the power on the entire house?
I had a lot of issues with my z-wave devices about 2 month ago so I turned of the power to the whole house for about 15min. After that I got a much faster working z-wave network.
It was like day and night for me.
Try that first :slightly_smiling_face:

And if thats not working…… ask your energy supplier to power off the whole city blok :joy: :joy:

And how about battery powered devices?

thanks for the suggestion, I had already jumped in, forces me to rename everything to something more logical. Appreciate the advice I will add it to the toolkit

Well, they connect to the mesh when used. So they don’t route other devices.

But they can spam the network and cause problems aye?

Sure they can, but if they did, they would drain the battery quite fast, resulting in battery replacement, resulting in restarting the device :slightly_smiling_face:.
Powered devices are normally never restarted.
Common fix for solving issues with homey i ptp and that a lot of issues but if some device has issues it doesn’t help much.
As I mentioned before, my devices got a lot more responsive and flows with a lot of devices turning of at the same time finished a lot faster than before ptp of the house :grin:.

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thank you for sharing! How often would you do a a power down to keep your network operating at an optimum level?

Never :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve only done it once by my own choice.
I don’t say it will fix it for everyone but for me, it worked like a charm. Next time I get issues I can’t solve with ptp of homey, it will be the next on my list to try.