Homey Developer Tool - questions

I have a few questions:
1.In Homey Developer Tool, when I display devices in the z-wave network, two devices are visible as Offline. The devices are working properly. Why are they shown as Offline?

  1. Why is the “Remove” option not available after selecting the device?

  1. What does the “RESET Z-WAVE NETWORK” button do? Is this used to rebuild the Z-Wave network?

No it resets your z-wave network to factory defaults.
So you can start adding devices again.

how rebuild the Z-Wave network?


a] Mark down old device ID, reset ZWAVE, re-add all devices, fix your flow using [HOW-TO][Pro][Cloud] - Tool to FIX (advanced) flows after removing and re-adding devices

b] Reset ZWAVE, re-add all devices, fix your flows manually

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Have a couple of Zwave battery devices myself, and they have always been offline.
Worked just fine since installed. They are just sleeping/saving battery, and only wake up every 15 min to report sensor data.

but mine when wake up, the “Offline” status is still shown.

What is the difference between your 2 “multisensor 7” devices, as shown in your picture? 1 runs on battery, the other on mains?

yes, one Multisensor on battery and the other Multisensor powered by USB.

The “wake up” time for most battery-operated devices is only few seconds long. In order for to be displayed as “online”, the DevTools page would have to be refreshed during this short time. My recommendation: do not worry about it.

You have to delete Z-Wave devices via smartphone or Web app. The “Remove” option in DevTools is only active if the device no longer has a connection to the Z-Wave network or is an unknown device/NodeID.

There is a trick to make “Remove” option became available. Just click on “Test” option first, and “Remove” will be enabled :slight_smile:

This shouldn’t actually be the case if the Z-Wave device has a stable connection. I’ve just clicked on “Test” 10 times, but “Remove” didn’t become active.
If the “Test” fails, then “Remove” is activated, that’s right.

Tested on HP23

I checked it on a several battery powered devices, and it always work, as the battery powered devices cannot respond on demand. And like you said, it will not work on non-battery powered devices, if this device has stable connection.

Yes of course, this works with battery-operated devices because they cannot send test data to Homey if they have not been woken up first. So in this case they are not reachable for Homey.