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Z-Wave Me 4 button switch


I have problem to get Z-Wave Me 4 buton switch, sometime it respond but sudenly it’s not respond at all?


Hi, I have the NodOn switch, it always used to work reasonably well (delay at switching a light for >1 sec often), but after the latest Homey firmware it stopped working completely. I can also see a lot of TX Errors. There is also a fibaro wall plug between homey and the switch that could be used as a hub, but it’s not even taking that route.

My guess is that it has to do with Athom rebuilding the RF microcontroller software from scratch. I’m hoping the new firmware (that is experimental now and will hopefully be released soon) will resolve these issues again and stabilize this.

I’ve also notified Athom support about this. They are looking into the issue as well. Other thing that could of course explain this behavior is that your battery is running low. My NodOn switch is not that old and still indicates 97% battery power remaining, but if yours is almost depleted you could perhaps resolve the issue by changing the battery.