Z-wave Keypad to controle multiple accesses

I’m looking for an outdoor z-wave keypad device from where I can control multiple accesses.


  • Code 1234# was selected: front door opens via Danalock
  • Code 1235# was selected: side door opens via Popp strike lock controller
  • Code 1236# was selected: triggers flow to lock all accesses and turn off all lights and activate the alarm
  • Code 1237# was selected: triggers fibaro shutter to open garage door

I did a search on this forum and Google but didn’t found a recent topic or device released in 2021.

Any suggestions?

Most keypads can only be programmed with one “release” pincode as far as I know.
I found a Popp outdoor keypad at Robbshop, but it’s not available anymore…

The Popp Keypad is the only Z-Wave Keypad for outdoor use I know.


  • Keypad with Pincode entering for entrance control
  • 20 different Pincode programmable
  • Pin codes with 4 to 10 digits
  • Aluminium casing
  • Colorful status LED and acoustical feedback
  • Integrated doorbell button
  • Pin Codes can be used to trigger different scenes
  • Powersupply: 4x AAA batteries or 5V DC power adapter

But the problem is, you can’t buy it anymore. Possibly as a used device on a marketplace.

Thanks for the responses!

The Popp Keypad is indeed the device is was looking for.
Did found one at POPP Keypad Z-Wave Plus kopen? | Momotica but apparently I bought the last one because now they are out of stock. :innocent: