Z-Wave device can only be tied to one controller

“That is expected behaviour, a Z-Wave device such as the Ring Sensors can only be tied to one controller. By pairing your sensors with Homey you have removed them from your Ring Alarm.”

That’s a shame. I bought the Homey Pro 2023 a couple of days ago and took for granted that I could use my Ring sensors in Homey flows.
Now I’m leaning towards returning the Homey to the store. Why isn’t Homey telling users this right at the first page of the app?

I should say it is up to the buyer to investigate if all their equipment are compatible or not.
It would be impossible for Athom to have a list of all supported devices, as it is constantly increasing.
Go to the Homey app store and search for all your devices.

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Hi Jones,

Welcome here and thanks for using my app. It’s indeed a shame that a Z-Wave device can only be controlled by one controller, that’s just the way it works. Not something to blame Athom or Ring for.

Leave out such as the ring sensor…
It is true and nothing related to this app.

Therefore off-topic here and moved.

It’s a shame that a car with a diesel engine can’t run on petrol/benzine.
It’s more or less the same comparison, sorry.



Yeah, a agree with you and I did search the app database before I bought it and saw Ring Security and my version of sensor in the list.

However - I don’t blame the author of this app, absolutely not. I just feel that this fact, which isn’t common knowledge for the most of us, should be mentioned somewhere by Athom.

I won’t even comment the comparison of filling a diesel car with petrol.

Hi, yeah. And I’m not blaming you either, just to make that very clear :slight_smile: Thanks for your kindly reply, have a nice day.