Z wave clash perhaps?

I have run a Heat Genius system (https://www.geniushub.co.uk/) for 4 years with no errors that I can remember. It communicates with its sensors and the like by Z-wave. Rock solid is the way I would describe it. It handles 8 zones via dual channel receivers, with each zone running at least one Room Sensor.

I recently started running my Homey to get it ready to move to install elsewhere. Since I turned it on I have had instances of Heat Genius loosing Room Sensors. By that I mean that a warning comes up saying either ‘the room sensor X cannot be found’ or ‘no temperature is available for zone X’ or sometimes both. This has never happened before. I find that if I turn off the Homey system the problem seems to goes away and the missing sensor is connected again. I have made no attempt to get the two devices to communicate with each other, and the Homey is not running any other devices.

My question therefor is can Z-wave devices interfere with each other, how do I formally test for that and has anybody else seen this effect when using two unconnected Z-wave devices?

In a Z-Wave network, only one Master device is allowed, disabling Z-Wave on your Homey should solve the problem.