Yamaha Receiver IR remote via. Homey Bridge

Will I be able to hide my Yamaha Receiver_RX-V665 inside a cupboard and use Homey Bridge to adjust volume etc. with the Yamaha IR remote?

IR uses line of sight.

Only if your Yamaha is connected to your LAN , has an internet connection , uses a cloud based service for all its communication and Yamaha also has a corporate affiliation with Athom and their cloud servers…Also the IR commands would have to be listed on Athoms database… If not then no remote control…

Ahhh… I remember the old days when you just needed a Homey and a small app installed on it to make your amp work. :roll_eyes:

IR signals can be transferred into a cupboard using an IR extender.
If your remote and the bridge are in visual range of the IR extenders’ receiving unit, the IR signals of both units, then go by wire to the transmitter, which you put in front of the Yamaha in the cupboard

You can’t use a IR [amplifier/tv] remote to command Homey bridge afaik, if that was also a question.

But doesn’t the Bridge have IR capabilities ?

Yes it has. But starting a flow using a 3rd party remote isn’t possible afaik